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We have a varied selection of high quality cookers and cooking equipment for sale here at DW Food Machinery. From electric catering rack ovens to steam cooking ovens, there is something for all businesses, all requirements and all budgets. No matter what type of Food Company you run, you can be confident that you will find the ideal oven for you when shopping with us.

Not only can you shop based on oven type, but we have both new and second hand options available as well. Our second hand catering ovens give customers the opportunity to get their hands on an oven they may otherwise not have been able to afford. No matter what option you go for, you can be sure of unrivalled levels of quality. All ovens, steam cooking equipment and such like are well maintained and serviced, so you have nothing to worry about. Start shopping our range today.


Double D Revair Steam Cook Rack Oven

Double D 3 rack oven

Single door
Gas fired with steam facility
Approx. dimensions. 3m x 2.6m
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Electric Catering Rack Ovens

Electric Catering Rack Ovens x 2 

Y.O.M. 2006
Small oven will take 4 racks 340mm x 430mm


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Electric fan 3 rack oven

Electric fan oven

Y.O.M. 2006

3 rack

All stainless steel and situated on all stainless steel tray stand

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Goldbake mono twin rack oven

Goldbake mono twin rack oven


Power: 8.2 kw

JBT Double D Revoband Chargrill Inline Searer

JBT Double D Revoband Chargrill Inline Searer 
Gas Fired 
1000mm wide belt 
The JBT Double D  Searer Marker is designed to enhance a wide range of finished products, both in taste and appearance. 
Stand alone machine 
The Searer incorporates a controlled flame which can be used to sear a variety of products including cooked meats, poultry and vegetables.
Priced at £10,000
Used Food Machinery 
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JBT Double D Revorack Twin Rack Rotary Oven

JBT Double D Revorack Twin Rack Rotary Oven

Gas Fired 

Through Door

Y.O.M. 2003

Rotating turntable is a major feature

Turntable moves the product continually through a highly efficient air distribution system

Produces a consistently cooked and evenly coloured product every time with results that are not possible in a normal steam cooker/smokehouse
Steam cooks many meat, fish, poultry products 

Ideal for ready meals

Cooks grilled bacon, hamburgers and sausage

Roasts a wide variety of meat, poultry fish and vegetables products 

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Mono Single Rack Rotary Bakery Oven

Mono Single Rack Rotary Bakery Oven

Model FG164S –H01
The oven combines an array of cutting-edge, energy saving features and improved baking program.
The oven is produced in hygienic stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning and is designed for continuous baking with no waiting time between bakes thanks to a quick recovery time and a fully integrated steam system.
Steam is deposited evenly throughout the baking chamber thanks to the steel bars and the ceiling-suspended rack rotates inside the baking chamber allowing steam to be easily deposited onto the product to create more volume, a better crust and even colour.
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