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Here at DW Food Machinery you will find an excellent selection of food dicers for sale. This includes everything from turbo dicer machines to the popular rotary dicer. No matter what your requirements may be, you can be confident that we have the electric food dicer for you. We have worked really hard to put together a range that caters to all of our customers’ requirements and we are constantly sourcing new machines for you to purchase. 

We sell both used and new machines. This gives us the ability to offer competitive prices, catering to all budgets. By investing in a used item you may be able to afford a machine you otherwise would not have been able to. All machines sold are well maintained and serviced. So, whether you are looking for a vegetable dicing machine or something different, shop our range of high quality products today. You won’t be disappointed.


Treif Argon Dicer with outfeed conveyor

Argon Dicer with outfeed conveyor 

Dices an accurate weight 

The machine stops the cutting process automatically as soon as the pre-determined weight is reached. 

Dices up to 2 t / 4,410 lbs per hour, depending on application and the degree of filling. 

Has up to 50 cutting programs

High capacity also for smaller dices / strips enabled by the cutting force with up to 300 revolutions per minute of the blade

2006 machine 

Pictures taken before cleaning and going into workshop 

Has been Completley refurbished  

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