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End of Line Machines

Here at DW Food Machinery, we have a broad assortment of high quality end of line machines for sale, ensuring your food is packaged effectively and safely. All of our solutions are designed to have a positive impact on your business – enhancing efficiency and lowering costs.

We sell both used and new end of line machines, ensuring you can find the perfect machine for your requirements and your budget. Our used machines give business owners the opportunity to capitalise on machines at a reduced price while being assured of quality, as we test, service and maintain all machinery sold on our website. 

If you would like to discover more about any of our machines, simply click on the relevant photo, and you will be presented with full details, from information on how the machine is powered to what it is designed for. If you still have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Bradman Lake SL80 Carton Sealer

Bradman Lake SL80 Carton Sealer 

The machine continuously erect end load cartons fed from an inclined magazine at a rate controlled by the operator. 
The flaps at one end are tucked, with the exception of the upper one, while at the other end they are held to allow the product to be inserted as the cartons pass in front of the operator(s). 
All the remaining flaps, except the upper ones, are closed and these then pass over two Bradman Lake hot melt applicators before being compressed and sealed.

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Bradman Lake SL902 Box Cartoner

Bradman Lake SL902 Box Cartoning Machine 

Fully Automatic 

All stainless steel

The Bradman Lake SL902 fully servo driven automatic continuous motion End Load Cartoner is  designed for large scale, high speed cartoning operations.

Servo motors power the carton feeder, flap tuckers and flight chains as well as product infeeds and transfer conveyors.

Elimination of mechanical power transmissions ensures the SL902 End Load Cartoner performs to a consistently high level of efficiency with very low maintenance costs.

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Burnley packaging shrink tunnel.

Burnley packaging machinery shrink tunnel.

Model PE500.

Free standing.

3 phase variable speed control.

Digital temperature control.

Approx Belt size 500mm x 200mm. Serial No. 565.

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Cryovac bag loader.

 Cryovac bag loader.

Serial No. A54400104

Type BL 22

Semi automatic bag loading, bag width 400mm, capacity 15 packs per minute.

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Endoline P6-SP-T box taper

Endoline box taper.

Top and bottom case taper, side grip belts, height and width adjustable, max product 500mm (w) x 500mm (h).

Model P6-SP-T.

240v power supply.

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Euroflow Tray Denester

Euroflow  8 x Single Denesters  and 2 x Twin Denesters 

Euroflow Engineering design and build a wide range of de-nesting equipment to suit client's  specific requirements and can incorporate any of the features shown below. 

Single and Twin lane adjustable denesters in stainless steel.
One denester to dispense a whole family of trays. Easy to set up. Repeatable positioning.
Can be incorporated into sealing machines or as a free standing unit.
Trays can be dispensed on a timed interval basis or by the reception of a pneumatic or electronic signal from another source.
Optional sensor control system.
Height adjustable mast with gas strut assistance and a mobile frame.
Speeds up to 50 trays per minute

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Europack Shrink Wrapper

Europack Shrink Wrapper 

Y.O.M. 2005
Large shrink wrapper 
Ideal for wrapping and shrinking a variety of products in various packaging formats (Jars, Containers, Boxes)
Tight sleeve wrap can seal up to 30 packs per min product dependent 
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Jacob white 200 continuous motion gluer

Jacob white 200 continuous motion gluer.

Model 200.

Serial No. 1C15.

Approx. 400mm pitch with glue wheels, mobile variable speed, width adjustable.

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Jacob White TFS Two Flap Sealer

TFS Two Flap Sealer
The carton is erected by the operator and loaded with both minor flaps and the bottom major flap folded. It is then placed into the machine with two flaps open.
The continuously moving flighted chains then transport the carton and pass the top of the flaps through the hot melt glue applicators. These units each apply a 6mm wide line of adhesive to the underside of the top flaps which are automatically closed and sealed. 
The cartons are then discharged out of the machine.
Heavy duty design for three shift operation
Robust frame with interlocked guarding
No size change parts required
Size change in five minutes
Hot melt applicators with preset temperature controls
Overload clutches on hot melt wheel applicators
Fixed speed AC motor
Guarding in shatterproof polycarbonate guards hinged for easy access
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Keymac K101 Compact Automatic Sleever

K101 Compact Automatic Sleever is an automatic sleeving machine capable of placing pre-glued sleeves around ready meal trays at up to 70 packs per minute.

The simple proven design of the K101 Compact Automatic Sleever offers high efficiency and a competitive price.

Low  maintenance requirements and reduced running costs make this machine an excellent choice to provide you with the next step in efficiency and productivity.

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Lazy Susan New and Used

Lazy Susan

New and Used 
1.2 metres and 1.5 metres 
Stainless Tops or Polypropylene 
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Ossid EESS Shrink Tunnel

Ossid EESS Shrink Tunnel

3 x heat shrink blowers 
Used for shrinking packaging around various products 
350 wide wire belt 
150mm high
1500mm long 
PLC Control
All stainless steel 
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Packer Semi -Auto strapping machine.

Packer Semi -Auto strapping machine.

Model 202CE/2.

Serial No. 06070560.

Approx dimension 902mm wide x 586mm deep with adjustable legs with braked castors that can give a table height from 760-930mm.

Net weight 85kg.

240v power supply.

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Siat Box Taper S2A

Siat Box Taper.

Model S2A.

Top and bottom heads with top and bottom gripper belt conveyors.

Fitted with Alphadot Minijet ink jet printer.

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Soco system box taper

Soco system box taper.

Carton sealer for automatic top and bottom sealing of uniform carton size. Easy to adjust for different carton sizes. Easy tape and dispenser replacement.

Model T400

Y.O.M. 2004

Stainless steel finish

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