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We have the answer to all of your mixing requirements here at DW Food Machinery, as we have a wide variety of premium quality mixers for sale. We have made a careful effort to expertly source all of the machines we sell, ensuring high levels of quality, hygiene and efficiency at low costs. 

One of the ways we are able to present you with some of the best prices in the industry is because we sell used machines as well as new ones. By doing this, you have the opportunity to capitalise on a mixer of a higher quality without needing to make such a large monetary investment.

A lot of people worry that they are going to suffer in terms of quality when they buy a second hand machine, but you can be sure this won’t be the case, as all machines have gone through rigorous testing and servicing to ensure they are of an exceptional standard.


Lakidis 450 Litre Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer

Lakidis Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer with Tote Bin Loader

In stock ready to be dispatched 

PLC Controlled 

Variable Speed Motor 

Y.O.M. 2014 

Ideal machine for mixing all types of food products: meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, dairy, cereal & confectionery, pet food and sandwich fillings.

Features a special paddle shaft arrangement with one slightly higher than the other to give a more effective mix. This together with a gentle action and short mixing time of the product, reduces particulate destruction maintaining the product structure and its original quality. 

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Risco 450 Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer x 2

Risco 450 Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer 
2 in stock 
450 Litre 
Side Discharge into tote bin
Ideal for mixing a variety of products within meat, fish, poultry, bakery, sandwich fillings,  vegetables and petfood industry 
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Syspal Model TT100 Tote Bin Tumbler

Syspal Tote Bin Tumbler 

Ideal for mixing a variety of products 
Meat, fish, poultry, cereals and vegetables
Gentle mixing action 
More details and pictures to follow  
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Winkworth RT80c High Speed Plough Mixer

Winkworth RT80C High Speed Plough Mixer 

Trough Style Mixer 

Y.O.M. 2008

Only used for trials 

80 Litre Capacity

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