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Vacuum Fillers

DW Food Machinery has an excellent assortment of vacuum fillers. These machines are particularly popular with bakeries and other businesses that sell baked goods, as they give you the ability to fill pastry products effectively and efficiently. 

We have worked hard to cater to all businesses’ requirements with array of machineries that are have available with us. Moreover, we are constantly adding to our range to increase our inventory. We have both new and used machines for sale as well, with a lot of people going down the latter route because it allows them to capitalise on machines they otherwise would not be able to afford if they had to pay for them brand new. 

You can be confident of exceptional levels of quality, no matter what machine you purchase. All of the vacuum fillers that we have in our stock, are tested and serviced to ensure high levels of durability and reliability. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Handtmann VF200 Vacuum Filler with Tote Bin Loader

Handtmann VF200 Vacuum Filler with Tote Bin Loader 

2 in stock

Presently set up for filling only 

Filling capacity 5000 kg/h 

Filling pressure up to 35bar

Portioning speed up 500 port./min

Portioning range 0.005-100 kg 

3 phase

Used Food Machine 

Please email or call for further information 


Handtmann VF80 Vacuum Filler

Handtmann VF80 Vacuum Filler 

The Handtmann VF80 is a feature packed high accuracy vacuum filler that is fundamental for small good stores, supermarkets, butcher shops and other meat producers that require quick & accurate filling and portioning. Featuring filling, portioning and link, monitor control and casing holder. 

The hygienic design of this Vacuum Filler also makes cleaning easy and effective.

Suitable for: Abattoir, Boning Room, Butcher Shop, Deli, Food Service, Poultry, Small-goods, Production and Supermarket

Presently set up for bulk filling 

Please email or call for further information