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Vacuum Packers

Vacuum packers are exceptionally popular. This machine offers a type of packaging that gets rid of the air before sealing. The items will be placed inside of a plastic film package, the air will be removed and then the package will be sealed. If you require a top quality vacuum packing machine, you have certainly come to the right place.

DW Food Machinery has premium quality vacuum packing equipment for sale, including both second hand and new items. You will find the popular Henkovac Single Chamber Vacuum Packer in this range and we are constantly adding new machines to our offering, so make sure you keep an eye on this. No matter what machine you purchase, you can be confident of unrivalled levels of quality, as all equipment has been well maintained and serviced. We maintain a close relationship with the manufacturers to guarantee that this is the case. Shop with us today! 


Henkovac Single Chamber Vacuum Packer

Henkovac Single Chamber Vacuum Packer 

With Vacuum and Gas 

Sealing bars 800mm x 500mm

2 in stock 

Portable units 

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