Munters MLT30 Dehumidifier

Munters MLT30 Dehumidifier 

MLT30 standard desiccant dehumidifer comes with a number of functions that are usually considered options. As with all other ML units, MLT30 effectively dehumidifies to a low moisture level.Thanks to its unique design, the entire air treatment process of the ML series of dehumidifiers occurs in a closed rotor unit with tightly sealed rotor housings made of heat-resistant thermoset plastic, making the MLT30 rugged and durable.

The integrated PLC unit with display comes standard with over 10 alarm indicators, an operating time counter and the option of remote control, giving a high level of regulation accuracy.

Another new feature is the integrated service indicator, which signals when it is time for maintenance servicing, ensuring your dehumidifier works at optimum levels for years to come.

The shell is made of Aluzinc and the outer panels are in painted Aluzinc. MLT30 can be delivered with 3 different reactivation alternatives – electricity, steam or gas.

The electrical equipment conforms to EN 60204 (IEC204) standards. The electrical system is designed for voltages up to 480 V and an ambient temperature of up to 60 °C. 

The MLT series of dehumidifiers conform to both harmonised European standards and technical specifications for CE marking.

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