Biro 32 Mixer Grinder

Biro 32  (Auto-Feed Mixer-Grinder) is the ideal workhorse for large supermarket meat rooms and medium sized processors. 

Production output of up to 1.5  tons per hour  

The heavy duty roller chain auger drive system with tapered roller bearing journal box is separate from the heavy duty mixer motor interface gear drive system. 

This more efficient design transfers maximum torque power to the auger. 

The heavy duty stainless steel 200 lb. (91 kg) hopper and frame resist corrosion and damage, even in an environment of harsh cleaners. 

This mixer grinder lasts longer and gives you more return on your investment. Power, durability, and low maintenance  which makes the Biro Auto Feed Mixer-Grinder a meat room workhorse.  

Pictures taken before and after being cleaned and serviced by our engineering team 
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