Treif Puma S Slicer Chopcutter

Treif Puma S  Slicer is suitable for boneless and bone-in products such as bacon, spare ribs, chops, and various other products 

Throughputs: upto 400 cuts per minute 
Treif S Slicer Chopcutter portioning machine combines efficiency with sufficient space for numerous cutting applications.

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Other machines you might consider

Bizerba A500 Automatic Slicer

Bizerba A500 Automatic Slicer  
The A 500 is  capable of slicing a variety of products with a through put of 250 slices per minute (based on a single log).  
250 slices per minute 
Slice thickness 0.5mm – 30mm 
Various slicing programs i.e. stacking, shingling, single row or multi row. 
Touch screen display with alphanumeric keyboard. 
Fully stainless steel with IP65 protection class. 
Quick and hygienic cleaning procedure. 
Programmable memory for slicing.
New blade just fitted with sharpening device and manuals 
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Kronen GS10 Slicer

Kronen GS10 Inline Slicer

Set up at present to slice or shred 


Variable speed

The GS 10 is equipped with a 125 mm wide conveyor belt with perfect hold-down technique for the proper guidance and gentle product

The slices can be infinitely adjusted from 1-50 mm

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MHS IC700/24 Slicer Chopcutter

The MHS IC range of slicing machines are made with the highest performance, simplest handling and precision portioning in mind. 
These slicers stand for a trouble free production process.
The slicers have been well thought out for tough everyday use, with the working stages reduced to a minimum to increase production. 
The integrated LCD display makes the handling and operator guidance extraordinarily easy, with clear symbols helping to speed up the input process. All data for the slicing process can be assimilated at a glance.
In the MHS slicers the product feeder is controlled reliably by a light barrier, allowing for the first slice to to be made at the selected length. 
MHS have emphasised the high quality power unit used to ensure that the feeding action is smooth and precise.
Max product length 700mm
Max product cross section 250x240mm
Slicer throughput 200 slices per minute
Slice thickness 1-700mm
Programs 100
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