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Ward Becker MM12 Multihead Weigher

Ward Becker MM12 Multihead Weigher 

Gantry and Infeed Conveyor Included 

Suitable for a variety of products within meat, fish, poultry, vegetable, fruit, cereal, dairy and snacks industry 

12 Heads

Used Food Machinery 

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GEI Turbo Systems Indexing Conveyor

GEI Turbo Systems Indexing Conveyor 

Slatted Belt 
3 Depositing Stations 
Duster Set Up
Push Down Product Head
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Twin Belt Incline Conveyor

Twin Belt Incline Conveyor 

PU belt with flights 
2 x 450mm
700mm from floor, tipping at 1700mm 
Flights 50mm gap between each flight 100mm 
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Wire Belt Conveyors

Wire Belt Conveyors 

3 in stock 
800mm wide 
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Syspal Model TT100 Tote Bin Tumbler

Syspal Tote Bin Tumbler 

Ideal for mixing a variety of products 
Meat, fish, poultry, cereals and vegetables
Gentle mixing action 
More details and pictures to follow  
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Munters MLT30 Dehumidifier

Munters MLT30 Dehumidifier 

MLT30 standard desiccant dehumidifer comes with a number of functions that are usually considered options. As with all other ML units, MLT30 effectively dehumidifies to a low moisture level.Thanks to its unique design, the entire air treatment process of the ML series of dehumidifiers occurs in a closed rotor unit with tightly sealed rotor housings made of heat-resistant thermoset plastic, making the MLT30 rugged and durable.

The integrated PLC unit with display comes standard with over 10 alarm indicators, an operating time counter and the option of remote control, giving a high level of regulation accuracy.

Another new feature is the integrated service indicator, which signals when it is time for maintenance servicing, ensuring your dehumidifier works at optimum levels for years to come.

The shell is made of Aluzinc and the outer panels are in painted Aluzinc. MLT30 can be delivered with 3 different reactivation alternatives – electricity, steam or gas.

The electrical equipment conforms to EN 60204 (IEC204) standards. The electrical system is designed for voltages up to 480 V and an ambient temperature of up to 60 °C. 

The MLT series of dehumidifiers conform to both harmonised European standards and technical specifications for CE marking.

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90 Degree Intralox Belt Conveyor

90 Degree Intralox Belt Conveyor 

2 in stock 
Blue belt
190mm wide 
Height is adjustable 
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JBT Double D Revorack Twin Rack Rotary Oven

JBT Double D Revorack Twin Rack Rotary Oven

Gas Fired 

Through Door

Y.O.M. 2003

Rotating turntable is a major feature

Turntable moves the product continually through a highly efficient air distribution system

Produces a consistently cooked and evenly coloured product every time with results that are not possible in a normal steam cooker/smokehouse
Steam cooks many meat, fish, poultry products 

Ideal for ready meals

Cooks grilled bacon, hamburgers and sausage

Roasts a wide variety of meat, poultry fish and vegetables products 

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Carruthers Table Top Shredder

Carruthers Table Top Shredder 

Ideal for shredding poultry and meat products 

5/10 KG batches 

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Henkovac Single Chamber Vacuum Packer

Henkovac Single Chamber Vacuum Packer 

With Vacuum and Gas 

Sealing bars 800mm x 500mm

2 in stock 

Portable units 

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Medoc Table Top Bandsaw

Medoc Table Top Bandsaw 

2 in stock 
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Leischa Stainless Steel Mixing Tumbler

Stainless Steel Mixing Tumbler 


Portable machine 

Ideal for mixing various products 

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GEI Turbo Stirrup Pump

GEI Turbo Stirrup Pump

Ideal for pumping products from tote bins
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Risco 450 Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer x 2

Risco 450 Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer 
2 in stock 
450 Litre 
Side Discharge into tote bin
Ideal for mixing a variety of products within meat, fish, poultry, bakery, sandwich fillings,  vegetables and petfood industry 
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Formax F6 Burger Former x 2

Formax F6 Burger Former 
2 in stock
Paper Interleaving modern machine 
Solid, simple construction promises rugged reliability and the capacity to run any Formax tooling and filling system.
The F-6’s hydraulic compression system controls product flow with each filling cycle, assuring accurate fills and consistent weight control. 
Its high speed mold plate drive powers production at variable rates up to 65 strokes per minute. 
A single horizontal plunger covers the entire mold plate and operates one-on-one for larger portions, or several fillings for smaller portions. 
Used Food Machinery
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Siebeck Meat Stringer

Siebeck Meat Stringer 

Tyer or Stringer,

Used to de-skill,  a time consuming task with no reduction in finished product presentation.

Ideal for volume production of all meat species where speed and perfect presentation is required. 
Easy to use with simple food pedal operation

Up to 60 strings/min delivers unbeatable throughput - increase profits
1,2,3,or 4 String options for maximum flexibility
Simple to clean with no bag traps or catch points
Interlocked catch tray stops debris soiling the floor or inside the machine
Suitable all meat tying tasks from all species including trussing of poultry.

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Kronen GS10 Slicer

Kronen GS10 Inline Slicer

Set up at present to slice or shred 


Variable speed

The GS 10 is equipped with a 125 mm wide conveyor belt with perfect hold-down technique for the proper guidance and gentle product

The slices can be infinitely adjusted from 1-50 mm

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Biro 32 Mixer Grinder

Biro 32  (Auto-Feed Mixer-Grinder) is the ideal workhorse for large supermarket meat rooms and medium sized processors. 

Production output of up to 1.5  tons per hour  

The heavy duty roller chain auger drive system with tapered roller bearing journal box is separate from the heavy duty mixer motor interface gear drive system. 

This more efficient design transfers maximum torque power to the auger. 

The heavy duty stainless steel 200 lb. (91 kg) hopper and frame resist corrosion and damage, even in an environment of harsh cleaners. 

This mixer grinder lasts longer and gives you more return on your investment. Power, durability, and low maintenance  which makes the Biro Auto Feed Mixer-Grinder a meat room workhorse.  

Pictures taken before and after being cleaned and serviced by our engineering team 
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Bizerba A500 Automatic Slicer

Bizerba A500 Automatic Slicer  
The A 500 is  capable of slicing a variety of products with a through put of 250 slices per minute (based on a single log).  
250 slices per minute 
Slice thickness 0.5mm – 30mm 
Various slicing programs i.e. stacking, shingling, single row or multi row. 
Touch screen display with alphanumeric keyboard. 
Fully stainless steel with IP65 protection class. 
Quick and hygienic cleaning procedure. 
Programmable memory for slicing.
New blade just fitted with sharpening device and manuals 
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Injectstar ES1100 Vacuum Tumbler

Injectstar ES1100 Vacuum Tumbler arriving 3rd week of March

1100 litres 


Can be supplied with portable tote bin loader 

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BCH 500 Litre Tilting Cooking Vessel

BCH 500 Litre Tilting Cooking Vessel
Y.O.M. 2006
500 Litre 
Attached to tilting stand 
PLC Control
Can be used for cooking and cooling, however presently set up for cooking only 
Used Steam Cooking Vessel
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Ishida QX-775 Inline Tray Sealer

Ishida's QX-775 Tray Sealer 
The machine  has been specifically designed for the fresh food industry with the latest and unique hygiene features including self-draining surfaces throughout.  
Using a combination of a smart interfaces, the latest servo technology and clever mechanical design, the single lane system can be optimised to suit all product and tray types, trays and film materials.  
High precision sealing tools offer high quality pack and product presentation and can be designed to handle all types of sealing and MAP processes, giving the user full flexibility with an ever changing market.   
Easy, operator-friendly tool changes using automated loading and motorised lifting trolley.
Key benefits include:
High-speed, user-friendly operation
Simple integration into any production line
Compatibility with board, plastic and aluminium trays
Rapid tool changeover
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AEW 400 Bandsaw with Sliding Table

AEW  Portioning Bandsaw 400 is the ideal choice for high volume meat and fish processors, larger retail and catering butchers.
Proven design reduces vibration, meaning that our machines can deliver improved cutting yields and accuracy whilst minimising operator fatigue.
Sliding Table 
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Conveyor PU Belt

Conveyor PU Belt

Small compact
Length 1.1 metres 
Width 200mm 
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Polar Systems Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

Polar Systems Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor 

Y.O.M. 2008
Length 1.7 metres 
Width 850mm
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Incline Conveyor

Incline Conveyor 


Length 1.6 metres 

Belt width 250mm 

Intralox Blue Belt 

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Twin Deck Intralox Conveyor

Twin Deck Intralox Conveyor  
Belt width 200mm x 2  
6 metres long 
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Hoonved Inline Tray Basket Washer

Hoonved  Inline Tray Basket Washer 
 Length 5000mm  
Width 600mm 
Rinse aid dispenser and detergent pump 
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Clayton Steam Generator Boiler Model EG-185-1

Clayton steam generator boiler Model EG-185-1 

Also with machine is a hot well and water treatment unit

Runs  on natural gas  burners and  has a max output of 1969kw and a minimum of 984kw. 

Skid mounted. 

Receiver  and water softening system. 

Capacity 2897 kg/hr. 

1817 kw. 

Natural gas. 

Y.O.M. 2005 

304L volume ideal for many applications 

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Conveyor PU Belt

Conveyor PU Belt
300mm wide
5400mm long 
850mm high
Can be supplied at an extra cost variable speed motor 
3 Phase 
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Keymac K101 Compact Automatic Sleever

K101 Compact Automatic Sleever is an automatic sleeving machine capable of placing pre-glued sleeves around ready meal trays at up to 70 packs per minute.

The simple proven design of the K101 Compact Automatic Sleever offers high efficiency and a competitive price.

Low  maintenance requirements and reduced running costs make this machine an excellent choice to provide you with the next step in efficiency and productivity.

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Safeline Ishida Dacs Combi

Safeline Metal Detector with Ishida Dacs Checkweigher 

Aperture size 350mm x 100mm

Ishida Dacs weight range up to 1200g

Y.O.M. 2001

Reject into lockable bin 

Left to Right Machine 

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Jacob White TFS Two Flap Sealer

TFS Two Flap Sealer
The carton is erected by the operator and loaded with both minor flaps and the bottom major flap folded. It is then placed into the machine with two flaps open.
The continuously moving flighted chains then transport the carton and pass the top of the flaps through the hot melt glue applicators. These units each apply a 6mm wide line of adhesive to the underside of the top flaps which are automatically closed and sealed. 
The cartons are then discharged out of the machine.
Heavy duty design for three shift operation
Robust frame with interlocked guarding
No size change parts required
Size change in five minutes
Hot melt applicators with preset temperature controls
Overload clutches on hot melt wheel applicators
Fixed speed AC motor
Guarding in shatterproof polycarbonate guards hinged for easy access
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Herbert Cyclone Spot Labeller x 4

Cyclone Flash Labeller offers a highly flexible method of applying promotional labels.

Using an air-blast method of application, with a head that rotates through 360 degrees, Cyclone will operate with a very wide selection of labels.

Whether labels are top, bottom or side edge leading, the applicator head can be positioned for consistently accurate application.

Being "non-contact", the Cyclone Air Blast applicator also offers the added benefit of applying labels to delicate food products without causing any damage. 

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Treif Argon Dicer with outfeed conveyor

Argon Dicer with outfeed conveyor 

Dices an accurate weight 

The machine stops the cutting process automatically as soon as the pre-determined weight is reached. 

Dices up to 2 t / 4,410 lbs per hour, depending on application and the degree of filling. 

Has up to 50 cutting programs

High capacity also for smaller dices / strips enabled by the cutting force with up to 300 revolutions per minute of the blade

2006 machine 

Pictures taken before cleaning and going into workshop 

Has been Completley refurbished  

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MHS IC700/24 Slicer Chopcutter

The MHS IC range of slicing machines are made with the highest performance, simplest handling and precision portioning in mind. 
These slicers stand for a trouble free production process.
The slicers have been well thought out for tough everyday use, with the working stages reduced to a minimum to increase production. 
The integrated LCD display makes the handling and operator guidance extraordinarily easy, with clear symbols helping to speed up the input process. All data for the slicing process can be assimilated at a glance.
In the MHS slicers the product feeder is controlled reliably by a light barrier, allowing for the first slice to to be made at the selected length. 
MHS have emphasised the high quality power unit used to ensure that the feeding action is smooth and precise.
Max product length 700mm
Max product cross section 250x240mm
Slicer throughput 200 slices per minute
Slice thickness 1-700mm
Programs 100
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MHS PCE70/21 Chop Cutter Slicer

MHS PCE70/21 Chopcutter Slicer 
2006 Machine 
MHS Slicers have precise portioning which produces a flat sliced surface that leaves nearly no bone splinters in the slices. Capable of slicing and portioning fresh, frozen or slightly frozen meat down to -4 degrees C.
The slicing machine is operated via single control keys with clear symbols that makes data entry easier and therefore reducing mistakes. 
The slicer keyboard consists out of single control keys and can be quickly and easily cleaned.
The meat to be sliced is transported precisely forward by the reliable forward feed. When slicing loins of pork, the loin is being held by a tension spring in order to assure even slices. 
After the slicing process has finished the tension spring automatically returns to the starting position.
The slicing machine is very easy to move around with an height adjustable wheel positioned between two legs at one end and a couple of fixed castors at the other.
The slicing hopper can be opened and cleaned very easily and a magnetic safety switch ensures the machine stops all its functions when the hopper is opened.
It is capable of producing 220 slices per minute and the slice thickness is infinitely variable from 3-32mm. 
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